The Benefits of Baking

At Henderson Early Learning centre, we do a variety of baking with the children from pikelets and biscuits to muffins and scones! We absolutely love seeing how much fun the little ones have when we do baking and how proud they are with the end result! It puts a smile on their wee faces and it has many benefits on top of being fun and delicious. When we are baking with the little ones we aren’t just making food, we are teaching them how to make connections among and across multiple disciplines.

pikelet 2

Baking promotes their well-being by encouraging them to help in preparing food for themselves and others.

pikelet 1

It’s a fun way to introduce basic maths in terms of counting, time and measurement.

pikelet 3It encourages turn taking skills, responsibility, and increases their knowledge of baking.

6Baking is also fantastic for understanding processes, enhancing communication, spelling, reading, and building confidence!  The fresh and healthy baking that the children make and devour really does have many benefits and is a great way of teaching while having fun!

If you want your child to be in a fun and high quality learning environment that supports and nurtures your little one, call us on 09-8382 288 to inquire about enrollment.

Our New School Space is Complete

We are thrilled that the hard work on building up our new centre is paying off!

A big thank you to our electrician, teachers, painters, builders and special helpers who have all worked tirelessly over the last few weeks.

Our centre will be dedicated for all our wonderful children to help them grow, love and excel in life, to prepare them for school and build on their literacy, numeracy, leadership, confidence, social skills and a host of other important school readiness including the most important of all – to ignite their curiosity and love of learning!

Henderson Early Learning Centre has a strong focus on education and the overall well-being of our children with a strong Extension to School program.

We welcome you to come have a look at our new centre and We would also love to have your (our parents’) feedback and hear your aspirations for your children’s learning. Please do stop and chat to us about this if you have a minute or two.