Our New School Space is Complete

We are thrilled that the hard work on building up our new centre is paying off!

A big thank you to our electrician, teachers, painters, builders and special helpers who have all worked tirelessly over the last few weeks.

Our centre will be dedicated for all our wonderful children to help them grow, love and excel in life, to prepare them for school and build on their literacy, numeracy, leadership, confidence, social skills and a host of other important school readiness including the most important of all – to ignite their curiosity and love of learning!

Henderson Early Learning Centre has a strong focus on education and the overall well-being of our children with a strong Extension to School program.

We welcome you to come have a look at our new centre and We would also love to have your (our parents’) feedback and hear your aspirations for your children’s learning. Please do stop and chat to us about this if you have a minute or two.

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